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Soft System


The concept is inspired by the joints of a bicycle and began with the research of joints system. Normally the joints connect to the hard medium and joints play the main role to control the form as well as the structure. Utilizing the soft materiality of rubber tubing, the form becomes flexible and free and presents an organic geometry. In this system, the joints play a supporting role and the rubber tubing becomes the primary form. This system highlights the potential of the curved line to divide space and acts as a counterpoint to the objects that make up the straight and rational human-made world.

This system is composed of only two elements, rubber tubing, and joints, and allows people to change its form by adding joints in any position and easily modifying the length of each segment of rubber tubing. In this way, it becomes an open system for people or children to explore possibilities of form and space.

This soft system was made of standard rubber tubing and custom 3D printed joints.